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You've got no shortage of ideas, but when it comes to actually creating your film, you feel completely overwhelmed, or just totally stuck.

  • How will you fit your project into your already busy schedule? 
  • How much money will you need & how will you get it funded? 
  • Where do you find crew? 
  • How do you know if the script or idea is “good enough”?
  • How do you make sure this next project really counts toward your big picture career goals?

You need clear direction from someone who's been there, done that and can give you specific steps on how to take your film idea from concept to the big screen & into a fulfilling life as a working creative.

let me guess...

Have the idea for a film, but now what? Maybe you haven’t had the kind of experience or results everyone else seems to show up on insta with.
You might even have too many ideas and feel unsure as to which one to put all your blood, sweat and tears (and money!) into.

ok so you...

You don’t feel you have the network, the community or the people you need to make this film a reality. How do you find passionate people who want to work on this film with you? 
You want to feel calm, sure of yourself, on-track, in momentum and capable to make this film really count, but that voice inside keeps you in doubt and stagnancy. 
You crave the savvy know-how to grow an organic community of supportive artists just like you to collaborate with. 




You're ready to feel empowered & supported as you create a film that cleans up at festivals, gets you industry recognition and takes you to your next level as a respected, working creative. 

picture this

  • You’ve written / directed / produced a film that you’re really proud of, that truly represents you as a talented multi-hyphenate filmmaker.
  • Your film has led to wider industry recognition, respect, visibility and yehaw, paid work too! 
  • You know the exact steps you need to take to get your films funded. As many films as you can dream up, you get to make — THAT’S your new reality. 
  • You consIStently add to your portfolio that show who the f*ck you are and what you’re made of, on screen. Inexperience - who? Not you.
  • You have a growing network of creative collaborators you can call on who are so damn excited to support you & hype you up. This is the good life.

After 6 years of working as a series-regular in TV shows, I decided to scratch the directing itch that had been nagging at me for awhile. So I went to film school. And I loved it.

But after I graduated? I realized it didn't much prepare me for what was next...

How was I to own myself, pitch myself & get my work taken seriously in a room of pros? How was I supposed to get funding? How could I make my impact? A confused mind says no. And so does a scared one. So I sat on my work. 

It took me 3 years of staying small and invisible to realize that I needed to crack out of this pattern. I knew I needed to go big, or go home. And that's exactly what happened. 

I decided enough was enough. My script had been growing digital dust on my laptop for over 12 months. So I went all in. I crowdfunded. I directed, produced, edited, I did all the things. And it was a smashing success. 

Izzy here, award-winning Director, producer, actor & filmmakers coach.


I've been in your shoes

In 2014,  I wrote, produced and directed a dark comedy thriller short film with a $0 budget which went on to be chosen for Cinema Australia’s Sunday Shorts Program. Then, in 2017, I wrote, directed and produced a guerilla-style psychological thriller short film called Phenomena which screened on ABC and landed me on the cover of magazines

And in November 2020, I went from script-to-screen in under 4 weeks with a crew of filmmakers who were total strangers until I hired them in pre-production. That film, Seafoam, has now been screened internationally and at some of the world's top genre film festivals, and is still circulating festivals and gaining press today. 

my film
did wha?

But this was not a simple path to success. And no, this isn’t a story where I tell you that there’s a one-size fits all approach to every film. This is the story of —

...how I developed a process for making successful films that cleaned up at festivals and grew my industry rep... 

And now, I am sharing that with you.

my clients say

Here's what you get in S2S

12 self paced modules guiding you through your entire short film production from script, to funding, casting, directing, production and festival success and more. (value $3500)

Bonus career development course (value $997)

Bonus Crowdfund Hero course (value $497)

Bonus 6 months indie spunk All-Access Membership with 6 Q&A calls, monthly workshops & more (value $462)

Bonus email templates, crew & cast agreements, meditations, production checklists, EPK & social media templates to make implementation as easy as possible (value $600)

Lifetime access to all resources, downloads and updates (value $800)

You get everything that’s inside S2S SELF PACED PLUS:

Bespoke support from me to ensure your project is a raging success.

This package includes 6 monthly 30 minute 1:1 coaching calls with me where we create a tailored plan for your project so you can maximize your energy & impact. 

Inside our sessions we can do project reviews, strategy planning, work through limiting beliefs and any stuckness and get you to your goals with ease and flow. 



6 monthly payments of:

or Pay In Full:



6 monthly payments of:

or Pay In Full:



Only 10 available











We dive deep into your preparation as a director. We cover how to envision your project, create shot lists and production schedules, lead a team, run production meetings, capture the desired vibe on screen, know your priorities on set, identify your preferences and intentions for the project, and effectively communicate your vision to your team.


My popular breakthrough course on making festival worthy films on baby budgets! From the script to the shoot, we do a  deep dive on how to do more with less!


Hone in on your project and articulate it’s impact, importance, value, and your unique relationship with the material. A well-crafted pitch is vital for generating excitement for your project. We will nail your log line, mission statement, and synopsis, and create your pitch deck. Additionally, there are bonus lessons on outlining TV show treatments, as well as access to a library of over 25 treatments and show Bibles from popular and successful TV shows.


It’s time to effectively network with industry folks in an organic way, without the ick. These techniques are tried & tested, this module is a game changer. I personally use this system and format for all of my correspondence. It's a method that my clients also love. Additionally, I will provide you with a connections tracker to help you keep track of the people you know + those you would like to know.


Develop your idea, clarify your characters, and understand the key elements of storytelling. This module discusses elements for both short film writing and feature film writing. You will have access to a library of over 50 scripts, pilot breakdowns, and outlines. We explore different types of scripts in detail, giving you a solid understanding of the craft and how to bring your magic and your story to life on the page.

02. DAMN good scripts

We delve deep into your mindset, habits, organization, and weekly rituals. We also explore your film awareness and ability to effectively communicate your tastes. This is your foundation for the program where we gain a clear understanding of your goals for the near future, helping you align and focus, and enabling you to start achieving your goals successfully as you move through the course.


S2S is a self paced program, so lemme break down what will be covered inside each module:

Set your goals, delve into your niche, identify your audience, create an impressive cover letter, and spread the word about your project. Determine the type of festivals you should submit to and develop stand-out promo materials. This module is incredibly helpful in assisting you to make a major impact at festivals. Increase your visibility significantly.


Casting is 70% of directing. It can make or break your project. In this module, learn how to cast Name talent for your project, know where to find actors, where to post roles so that you can effectively and professionally find the best people for the job.


This module walks you through the process of designing the sound, score, audio feel, and understanding its significance for your film, PLUS we give you a music licensing guide. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of how to create immersive and impactful soundscapes for your films, as well as the importance of sound in enhancing storytelling. This will deeply elevate and enhance the quality of your film projects.


How big should your crew be? How do you hire them? Let’s nail your production prep, meetings, organization and let’s get this show on the road. The production master doc template will help you organize your entire production in one sheet. Plus get a detailed list of all production & crew roles, access to checklists, templates, shooting schedules, as well as cast and crew contracts and deal memos.


Every person who has gone through this course and crowdfunded has achieved success. This course is unique in the filmmaking industry because it can give you a return on your investment (and way, way more). It is an incredibly helpful, wonderful, and brilliant course that allows you to market yourself as a standout creative.


Let’s budget your film! We discuss all the different types of funding for your films and how to get them. You’ll get budget templates, and spreadsheets and more to make this a breeze. We also have a live upcoming workshop for you with an alternative funding expert for grants and 501 C3 info so that you can look at alternative funding as well. We will talk about all the different types of funding and how to get it all for you. So that you can truly get all your work funded!


  • You want real down-to-earth, tried and tested systems for writing, directing, producing and maybe even acting in your own films. 

  • You want to make work that showcase your unique voice and talent, and wake the industry up to you.

  • You want to quit patch-working together shoddy trainings from the internet and actually experience the kind of momentum that brings you career opportunities.

  • You're ready to go big.

  • You want to be supported in a community of like-minded creatives from diverse backgrounds.

  • You've made a film before OR

  • You've never made a film before!

  • (Yep, my clients range from brand new to filmmaking, to experienced pros. These trainings have helped filmmakers who've been working in the industry for over a decade get visible and step into their next-level selves.

  • You crave doing the inner work and the actionable steps all in ONE PLACE (cuz you know they're both important).

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for you if:

It's time. Let's go big. You're ready.